Player Evaluations
Posted Jan 21, 2019

• Each spring in late February or early March, player evaluations are conducted

• The evaluation process helps us determine skill level so all kids are competing against teams equal in skill and age

• Players are evaluated for a variety of skills, including fielding flyballs and grounders, throwing, and hitting

• Evaluation scoring is independently determined by the Banks HS baseball coaching staff

• Players are assigned to a level in late March based on the evals conducted

• I f needed to help fill teams due to player count, we also include a small selection of younger players to play at a higher division/level

• Evaluations are conducted and based on their annual merits, so if a player played American (in the Senior, Junior, or Minor level) the previous season, it is not guaranteed that he/she will play in American the next year- each player must be evaluated annually for proper team/level placement in the new season

What to bring to Evaluations

• Baseball Glove

• Helmet

• Baseball Bat (bats will be available at the tryouts for the players to use

• Shorts or Sweats

• Tennis Shoes