2019 Invitational Tournament Dates

2019 Banks Invitational Tournaments

(no club teams)

Teams registering outside of Westside Youth Baseball must provide a proof of insurance coverage.

For questions, please email Rich Mendola & Dwayne Villarin at tournaments@banksyouthsports.com

Seniors (National and American - May 4th & 5th, $450

Senior Tournament Rules.pdf

2019 Senior Pool & Bracket Play.pdf

Juniors (National and American) - May 18th & 19th, $375

Junior Tournament Rules 2019.pdf

2019 Junior Nat and AM Pool Play.pdf

2019 Junior AM Sunday Bracket.pdf

2019 Junior Nat Sunday Bracket.pdf

Minors (National and American) - June 1st & 2nd, $325

(Nearby teams may be asked to play in the evening on May 31st).

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.